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6 Minute Rabbi


Six Minute Rabbi is a revolutionary approach to Jewish learning and discovery. The program creates and promotes audio, video and web learning materials that are brief, interesting and easy to understand. The objective of Six Minute Rabbi is to offer a meaningful Jewish learning experience that can be enjoyed without compromising a busy schedule.  

The Six Minute Rabbi is an excellent option for those who want to study the Torah but do not have excess time to do so. Rabbi Blecher conveniently comes to your office once a week and study with you a wide range of topics, from the Sabbath & Holidays, to general Jewish history and laws; all within Six minutes! These sessions are always interesting and informative. Rabbi Blecher is open-minded with a down to earth, practical approach to the Torah and Judaism.

They say studying sharpens your mind. With the Six Minute Rabbi, you will sharpen your mind and soul!