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There is no charge for seats; your donation is greatly appreciated!
Suggested donation: $54 individuals, $180 for a family.
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Rosh Hashanah Eve. | September 9
Rosh Hashanah Day 1 | September 10
Rosh Hashanah Day 2 | September 11
Yom Kippur | September 18 - 19
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Donations aren’t required, but there are hard economic realities which we can’t ignore. The only support we get is from... you. Consider a donation to help cover the costs of these and other wonderful programs that Lubavitch of Yardley brings to our community.
Sponsor a Machzor - $30 each *Kiddush sponsorships are additional to seat donations.
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Checks can be mailed to Lubavitch of Yardley, 1444 Yardley Newtown Road, Yardley, PA 19067

100% of the proceeds of this donation or payment benefit Chabad Lubavitch of Yardley.