Chabad Lubavitch of Yardley
1444 Yardley Newtown Road , Yardley, PA 19067-4044 USA

Weekly Talmud Class
Starting Sunday May 14
We've all heard of Talmudic logic and Talmudic argument. But how many of us have ever actually opened up the Talmud and learned it for ourselves?
Starting Sunday, May 14 we will be having a weekly Talmud class after morning services in the Yardley Shul.  

This weekly class will teach you the basics of Talmud study and have you understanding the debates and discussions of the Sages just as they were recorded two thousand years ago.

8:00am Morning Services
8:45 am Bagels , Lox and Coffee 
9-10 am Talmud Class

Please click here to order the volume that we will be using.

I hope you will join us!

Rabbi Zalman Blecher
Talmud Class
Sunday, May 14• 9:00am
  • There is no charge for this class.
  • No prior knowledge or Hebrew Reading skills necessary. 
  • Each student needs to buy their own book.